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US Schools a Terrorist Target

Oct 8, 2004
Information found in Iraq about schools in six US states. That sounds to me like terrorist activities center in Iraq!!!


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A Soldier's Bright Christmas Star
by Gary Jacobson December 2005
and hear the song "I Wonder as I Wander."
Also Visit Gary Jacobson's
Vietnam Poems Index

My Soldier

In GOD We Trust!
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Hurricane Katrina

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Ground Breaking for New VA SuperClinic

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The Military and The Federal Civil Service Thrift Plan
If it is good enough for Federal Civil Service and the Military why is it not good for Social Security Recipients???

For the Soldiers serving and for those who have served...
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The Way of the Master - The way of the Master is an interdenominational ministry whose purpose is to teach Christians how to share the gospel effectively, biblically...the way Jesus did.


Feeling as Young as Possible
I understand that Dr. Malchi Z. York-El said:
"The best exercise for your body is to work your mind." "The worst exercise is jumping to conclusions."
Humorous isn't it? But it is so true.




What VA Social Workers Suppose to do....


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