Vietnam Veterans Call for Boycott of Fonda Book

By Staff  Writer: Rick Townsend ( 

Vietnam  combat wounded Jere Beery of Jefferson, Ohio is infuriated by a new book  written by 1970s anti-war activist Jane Fonda. Beery, a long time critic of  Fonda is calling for a nationwide boycott of the book and book stores that  sell it. "I find her audacity and contempt deplorable", Beery stated in a recent  interview for the Firebase Network. 
Fonda's new book "My Life So Far" is  published by Random House and will be available in book stores soon for just under $30. In the book Fonda talks about her anti-war activism and her  controversial trip to North  Vietnam in 1974. On an April 4, 2005, CBS/60  Minutes interview with Lesley Stahl, when asked why she would write about such  matters, Fonda responded; "Because I knew that if I didn't really fess up about  how far I went in the betrayal of my heart, that it would not make the journey  that I've been on, to where I am now, as important and as poignant."  According to Jere Beery, Fonda's book is merely a way to clear her conscience and make money off the pain of others at the same  time.
Jere Beery, a nationally recognized veteran's rights  activist is not alone in his anger. Many  Vietnam veterans  feel Fonda's actions during the Vietnam War were treasonous and unforgivable.  Vietnam wounded veteran Dale VanLuven of Hermitage, Tennessee agrees with Beery. "If there was ever a  reason to burn a book, this is it," Vanluven stated. "The thought of Hanoi Jane making money off confessing her  sins is incomprehensible to me", VanLuven added. Dale VanLuven was wounded in  combat in Vietnam when his bulldozer hit a landmine.  
Many veterans across the country agree with Beery and  VanLuven on this subject and have vowed to take the boycott idea very seriously.  Retired  Navy veteran Don Holland of Orlando feels very strongly about this matter  as well. "Jane Fonda may have the right to say anything she wants. But, I also  have the right to say what I want as well. Jane Fonda is a Traitor that provided aid and comfort to the enemy during time of war. No book deal is going to save  her from the fires of Hell for that," Holland stated.  
Beery,  VanLuven and Holland are calling for support for a  nationwide boycott of Fonda's book. "We are asking for assistance from the  grassroots veteran's community in preventing Jane Fonda from profiting off the  misery of our Vietnam veterans, and especially our former  POWs," Beery requested.   
[NOTE] Jere Beery  was severely wounded in Vietnam in 1968 when his 31 foot river patrol boat took two direct RPG hits. Beery was one of the crew members aboard a PBR under the command of Lt. Richard Godbehere  on March 1st. The true story of Beery's survival is well documented, to include  a chapter in the 1982 book "Brown Water, Black Berets", written by Lieutenant  Commander Thomas J. Cutler of the U.S. Naval Academy, History Department, Annapolis Maryland.
The Godbehere Patrol story has become legendary among many Vietnam veterans.
Beery has written a screenplay about his Vietnam service titled, "Smoke on the Water", and  is currently accepting inquires into his work-in-progress. "Unlike Jane Fonda,  I'm not a profiteer. I'm a historian merely trying to preserve the service  sacrifice of the men I served with," Beery stated. (