Kenneth R Lackey
Petal, Mississippi

Victim of the Veteran's Administration in Mississippi


  February 9, 2005 - Mr. Lackey ran his van into the VARO Building at 1600 Woodrow Wilson Blvd, Jackson, Mississippi. He received two violation Notices... 1- Damage to Gov't Building and 2 - Arson - Causing damage to Gov't Building.  (pdf)


Subsequently Mr. Lackey, while in prison, was sent to his home in Petal, MS, two Notices to Appear... 1- Dated 05/11/2005 (pdf)  and  2- Dated 07/13/2005 (pdf)

Mr. Lackey had additional charges file against him, all of which will be reported and documentation presented when it is available. One of the additional charges was 'Terrorism'.

Mr. Lackey was in prison from February 2005 to September 2005, when he was found NOT Guilty of all but one charge, that being 'Destruction of Government Property'.

Mr. Lackey was scheduled to be sentenced on the 16th of November, 2005 but the day was set back to Friday, the 18th of November, 2005. Judge Barbour was the presiding judge over the trial and ultimate sentencing. Judge Barbour had several comments concerning this case but the only thing that he could say to Mr. Lackey in any condemning way was that he broke the law by running his van into the VA Regional Office, and that he could not condone that action, however, he understood why he did it. He further commented and even chastised the prosecution and the prosecutions witnesses for their arrogance shown in this case and the Judge said to Mr. Lackey that he was ashamed that it happened in his court. The transcript will bear out more about what the VA did in this case to try and hang a persecuted Veteran.

Judge Barbour read all of the emails that was sent in and was moved greatly by them. THANK YOU all for your help. The judge encouraged all of us to keep on helping each other. He said that he could see some of what we are going through and he wished us all the luck in our efforts. This will come out in the transcripts too. To view the email requesting 'Short Stories' click here*.

Mr. Lackey was sentenced to 'time served' plus 3 years probation. Mr. Joe Adair claimed at first that the damage was several $100,000, then he testified that it was around $100,000, then it finally came out that the damage to the VARO was a little over $55,000. Judge Barbour was very upset with Mr. Adair's actions in his court and that was very evident in his comments on the 18th of Nov 2005. Judge Barbour ruled that Mr. Lackey could not afford to paid restitution in that amount so he waived the damages and ruled that all Mr. Lackey had to pay was the $100 court costs.

On Wednesday, the 23rd of November 2005 Mr. Lackey received a NOTICE BEFORE ARREST (pdf). (Note that this was after his sentencing on Friday, the 18th.)

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