March 11, 2006

Lewis Randall Garvin
Petal, Mississippi

To whom it may concern:

I received a letter on March 8, 2006 from the VA in Jackson, Mississippi dated March 2, 2006, signed by Laraine L. Borden, Veterans Service Center Manager, stating:

“VA is required to periodically re-evaluate certain disabilities. We have requested a physical examination of your service-connected disability(ies) so that we may review the severity of the condition(s) to ensure that you are properly evaluated.”

I called the VA at 1-800-827-1000 on March 8, 2006. First I was told that every veteran has to do this…. Then when I explained that I was Permanent & Total she said that I was not…

I found the letter stating Permanent & Total and sent it to Congressman Gene Taylor March 9, 2006.

Called VA again on March 9, 2006 to have recorded that I found letter and that the first call response to me was wrong…

Was told that there was a computer glitch that sent out those letters. She did not describe the letter that I held but said that I should just ignore it.

How can we Veterans just ignore a letter from the VA who in many cases is the only source of income and health care that says:

“If you do not report for this required examination, it could result in the reduction or discontinuance of any VA compensation benefits that you may be receiving.”

Why are we Veterans having to put up with the VA losing our wheelchairs, mishandling our appeals, lying about our appeals, and in this case, being threatened with loss of benefits? We are not supposed to get upset??

Lewis Randall Garvin,
 100% Permanent and Totally,
             Service Connected Disabled,
                     Vietnam Era Veteran