The Mosul Massacre in Perspective

The outrage of the Mosul massacre should be very great! We should not however try to put blame on our own. The commanders and security forces in Mosul are doing the best that they can. When a weak point is exploited by the enemy we should close ranks and become aware of how they got in. The best security will have flaws in it. We have lost so many in this attack. The loss hurts this country and the families of those lost. The outrage is great. The hurt is great. We can now understand a little how Israel feels when Palestine sends homicide bombers into their country and massacre dozens of Israelis. The people here in the U.S. that do not care that the Israelis are suffering from terrorists should think of what pain we are feeling now with the loss of our citizens in Mosul. Israeli families face innocent loss on a continual basis. There is no difference in the loss. Put things into perspective, we are in a War on Terror Along Side of Israel and many other nations in the world.