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 Kerry's Judgment:
Protracted, Messy,
Guided by Self-Interest

Judgments labeled as "protracted, messy, and guided by self-interest" by Glen Johnson of the Boston Globe, are not desired traits for a leader of the free world. In today's Boston Globe, Johnson shares his opinion on three major decisions made by Kerry over the last year of his campaign for President that define him as anything but a strong, steadfast leader.

To detractors and even some supporters, John F. Kerry's decision this week to cancel his speech to the US Conference of Mayors because of a picket line was typical of how he makes his judgments: protracted, messy and guided by self-interest....

This infuriated Boston's Mayor Thomas M. Menino. Governor Mitt Romney, who took Kerry's place, said the decision highlighted the difference between executive and legislative leadership. ''A mayor, a governor, and a president have a responsibility for making tough decisions and balancing budgets; a senator doesn't," said Mayor Menino.