Feeling as Young as Possible
by L R Garvin






Hard Labor

This is easy topic to talk about but you have to work at it to make it happen. Although it becomes easier with practice.  You can be 13, 30 or 3 times 30, you need to keep your mind sharp and young.  Do you come up blank thoughts? Do you forget the point you wanted to make? Promote your memory, thought processes and concentration by doing things that requires cognitive thinking.  After we leave school for our career we tend to forget our favorite subjects.  Check out books on your favorite subject from the library and study them. Or better yet tutor a student in your that subject.  You will be helping a student learn and exercise your brain at the same time.  Reading inspirational books that will get you excited and looking forward to the future.  Play games with family and friends like Chess, Mexican Train or Trivia games.  Work crossword puzzles or create crossword puzzles.  Keep your mind stimulated with new experiences and interactions with others.  Be sure to stay excited about learning something new and your mind will remain active and you can feel as young as possibly no matter your age.  I was told some years ago that 2 hours of strict mental labor was equal to 8 hours of hard physical labor.  Try it for yourself.  At best you will either prove or disprove this statement in your own mind.  At worst guys, you will have probably caught up on some 'honey-do' jobs around the house and gals you will have got to those special things that you have neglected like rearranging the living room so that you can get the remote first.

Blank Thoughts?


Still Sharp as Tacks


Stop and Think