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1. disheveled appearance: untidy fierce foolish pecul'ar unhappy

2. a baffling problem: difficult simple puzzling long new

3. lenient parent: tall strict wise foolish severe

4. repulsive personality: disgusting attractive normal confused conceited

5. audacious attempt: useless bold foolish crazy necessary

6. parry a blow: ward off fear expect invite ignore

7. prevalent disease: dangerous catching childhood fatal widespread

8. ominous report: loud threatening untrue serious unpleasant

9. an incredible story: true interesting well-known unbelievable unknown

10. an ophthalmologist: eye doctor skin doctor foot doctor heart doctor cancer specialist

11. will supersede the old law: enforce specify penalties for take the place of repeal continue

12. an anonymous donor: generous stingy well-known one whose name is not known reluctant

13. performed an autopsy: examination of living tissue examination of a corpse to determine the cause of death process in the manufacture of optical lenses operation to cure an organic disease series of questions to determine the causes of delinquent behavior

14. an indefatigable worker: well-paid tired skillful tireless pleasant

15. a confirmed atheist: bachelor disbeliever of God believer in religion believer in science priest